load|ed [ˈləudıd US ˈlou-] adj
4 loaded with something
6 a loaded question
8 the dice/odds are loaded against somebody/something
9 something is loaded against somebody/something
10 loaded dice
1.) ¦(GUN/CAMERA)¦
containing bullets, film etc
a loaded pistol
2.) ¦(FULL)¦
a loaded vehicle or container is full of things
a loaded trailer
She came back carrying a loaded tray.
loaded with
a truck loaded with bananas
3.) ¦(RICH)¦ [not before noun] informal
very rich
Giles can afford it - he's loaded.
4.) loaded with sth informal
full of a particular quality, or containing a lot of something
snacks loaded with fat
paintings loaded with cultural significance
a loaded word, statement etc has more meanings than you first think and is intended to influence the way you think
He `deserved' it? That's a loaded word.
There was a loaded silence.
6.) a loaded question
a question that is unfair because it is intended to affect your opinions and make you answer in a particular way
leading question atleading1 (4)
7.) ¦(DRUNK)¦ [not before noun]
AmE informal very drunk
Greg used to come home loaded almost every night.
8.) the dice/odds are loaded against sb/sth
used to say that someone or something is unlikely to succeed or win
9.) sth is loaded against sb/sth
used to say that a system, situation, or organization is unfair and some people have a disadvantage
= ↑biased
The justice system is loaded against people from ethnic minorities.
10.) loaded dice
dice that have weights in them so that they always fall with the same side on top, used to cheat in games

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